SPONSORED CONTENT: The new Lincoln Nautilus is the luxury brand’s most advanced midsize luxury SUV ever.

“I commute for more than an hour every day, and I want to feel relaxed and enjoy that time behind the wheel,” says Megan McKenzie, SUV marketing manager, The Lincoln Motor Co. “The technology that we offer in the 2019 Lincoln Nautilus allows drivers to feel more confident and takes the stress out of so many situations.” The new Lincoln Nautilus is the luxury brand’s most advanced midsize luxury SUV ever. Redesigned, restyled and re-engineered, it’s a class standout, with improved style, features, luxury, power, performance and fuel economy. More importantly, the Nautilus is also a technological showpiece. Lincoln’s world-class engineers have infused the SUV with the industry’s latest driver-assistance technology—a suite of advanced systems designed to make your driving experience fun and effortless.  


With real-time data from the forward-looking radar and camera, Lincoln’s Lane Centering system provides continuous steering support while Adaptive Cruise Control with Stop-and-Go capability is enabled. Yes, it actually steers the SUV down the road for you, helping to keep your Nautilus centered in your lane, but it also asks you to keep your hands on the wheel.  Separate from the Lane Centering System is Lincoln’s Lane-Keeping System. At more than 40 mph, this intelligent system uses the camera mounted behind the Nautilus’ rearview mirror to monitor road lane markings and detect unintentional changes in direction. Begin to drift from your lane, and the system displays an alert in the instrument cluster while it helps you steer your Nautilus back into your lane safely. When aid mode is on and the system detects no steering activity for a short period, it alerts you to put your hands back on the steering wheel.  

Also included in the Driver Assistance Package is Lincoln’s Collision Mitigation System. It includes Distance Alert, Distance Indication and an innovative Evasive Steering Assist. This Pre-Collision Assist system has the potential to be life-saving, as it detects pedestrians as well as stopped vehicles and other objects blocking your path.  First, it warns the driver of a probable accident. However, if the driver does not respond in time, the system can then automatically apply the brakes. If braking alone can’t mitigate a potential accident, the Evasive Steering Assist system provides steering support to help steer the Nautilus around a slow or stopped vehicle.  There isn’t anything more stressful than parking, so Lincoln offers the Nautilus with Enhanced Active Park Assist. It makes getting into or out of tight parking spaces easy, using ultrasonic sensors to locate and help the vehicle steer into an appropriate spot. The mall parking lot might be crowded and crazy, but you’ll be ready for it.  The system also features Perpendicular Park Assist—when you’re in reverse, it helps you guide the vehicle into perpendicular spots—while Park Out Assist aids in getting you out of tight parallel parking spots. Meanwhile, you control the shifter buttons, brake and accelerator. 

Lincoln’s Blind Spot Information System uses radar to detect vehicles you might otherwise miss. It alerts the Nautilus’ driver of approaching vehicles entering their blind spot, flashing an indicator light in the sideview mirror.  Cross-Traffic Alert also uses radar to detect approaching traffic from the side, as far as 15 yards away, when you’re slowly backing out of a parking space or your driveway. To warn you of the oncoming traffic it sends an audible warning, a visual display in the sideview mirror and a signal in the message center.  Every new 2019 Lincoln Nautilus comes with a rearview camera standard to help you monitor the SUV’s surroundings and drive more safely. A 360-degree camera is also available, using four exterior cameras to provide a clear bird’s-eye view of the vehicle and its surroundings.  It’s like the ultimate rearview camera. You can see down sidewalks while backing up. You’ll see the curb and the painted lines when navigating tight parking spots. A 180-degree split-view camera located in the Nautilus’ grille helps you see around parked cars and increase your visibility in cross-traffic situations and intersections.  Remember when driving was fun? Remember the days when you were relaxed and confident behind the wheel? You can feel that way again with the 2019 Lincoln Nautilus’ sophisticated technology and driver aids. This SUV is designed and engineered to boost your confidence behind the wheel and make driving stress-free. Because that is the ultimate luxury.