Surprising fuel efficiency from a 18,000 km run Altroz: 700km on 1 tank

The fuel efficiency allowed for an impressive 700 km range from the car’s small 35-litre tank.

BHPian PrasannaDhana recently shared this with other enthusiasts.

Reporting the best tankful-to-tankful fuel efficiency of my 18,000 km run Altroz diesel

23.87 km/l

100% AC ON, 2 occupants – 60% Highway : 30% Rural areas : 10% city

Surprisingly the MID was not far off

Quite nice to see an almost 700 km range from a small 35-litre tank

For the readers who are curious about the overall actual fuel efficiency for the entire ~18,000 km

It is 18.37 km/l

PS: I was very gentle with the A pedal during the last run which yielded 23.87 km/l. Consistently driving the BS6 diesel that way will end up in a clogged BS6 filter within 2000 km

What actual fuel efficiency can a potential Altroz diesel buyer realistically expect: 16 – 19 km/l overall, even if you are an aggressive driver.

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