Swapping a carburetor and intake manifold | Autoweek and eBay Motors Garage: Episode 3

In this episode of the Autoweek Garage presented by eBay Motors, Andrew Stoy and Graham Kozak add some pep to Graham’s 1988 Jeep Grand Wagoneer’s step. The original plan was to swap the aging, factory-spec two-barrel Motorcraft carburetor with a new four-barrel carb for better performance and tunability — but to do so, they had to replace the factory intake manifold for the Jeep’s 360-cid V8, as well. They opted for Edelbrock because of the brand’s history, availability and customer support.
Unlike the brake job in episode 1, the carburetor and intake swap replaced factory-spec components with performance-oriented aftermarket parts. But because Graham had previously purchased stock replacement parts for his Wagoneer from eBay Motors, the truck was already saved into My Garage — and the feature works well for finding aftermarket components, too.
This isn’t the sort of project you want to jump into blind, but eBay Motors made it easy. Having all the parts delivered just a few days after ordering them made the whole job straightforward and fun, especially compared to flipping through catalogs and running back and forth to auto parts stores to track down missing bits and pieces.

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