Teslas top the list of most driven EVs; Kona EV in the top 5

A three-year-old EV costs, on average, $45,147, while a similarly aged ICE car has an average cost of $30,760.

According to reports, Tesla models dominated a new study on the most driven electric vehicles over a three-year period. The 2020 Model X had the highest number of miles driven on average per year, followed by the Model Y, Model 3 & Model S.

The study looked at data from over 8,60,000 three-year-old EVs, which showed that on average an EV is driven 9,059 miles (14,579 km) per year. All four Tesla models though, registered higher averages with the Model X having the highest at 10,378 miles (16,701 km). The Model Y was second with 10,199 miles, while the Model 3 and Model S owners drove 9,960 miles and 9,340 miles, on average per year, respectively.

The top 5 was completed by the Hyundai Kona EV, whose average miles driven per year were less than the overall EV average at 8,260 miles (13,293 km).

Having said that the average miles driven per year by EVs is still less than the average of ICE-powered vehicles, which clocks 12,758 miles (20,532 km). This translates to a 29% lower usage of EVs.

Analyst Karl Brauer, states that “for every additional mile of range an EV offers, owners are willing to drive an additional 23 miles per year. This means, on average, EVs need an additional 161 miles of range to get them on par with the average of ICE cars.”

Brauer also noted that range anxiety is less about being stranded in the middle of nowhere and more about the recharging process for electric vehicles. He stated that in ICE cars, no matter the distance, the refuelling process takes just 5 to 10 minutes. Hence, until EVs can offer that level of convenience, they will always be at a distinct disadvantage.

Another issue pointed out by Brauer is the higher prices of EVs. A three-year-old EV costs, on average, $45,147, while a similarly aged ICE car has an average cost of $30,760. This translates to a 47% higher average cost.

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