Test driving the new Citroen C3: First impressions

The ride quality is very good for a car of this class. Also, it felt great filtering through the city traffic.

BHPian Shanksta recently shared this with other enthusiasts.

I visited the Citroen showroom to check out the C3. I test drove the C3 naturally aspirated version.

First impressions

  • The car looks very proportionate and pleasing to the eye.
  • The orange colour suits this funky design and the paint quality is great.
  • The interior space is great and this car would not be a squeeze for tall passengers.
  • Ride quality is very very good for a car of this class.
  • The seat cushioning and recline angle of the rear seat is great, probably one of the best I have sat on in recent times.
  • Ingress and egress is easy.
  • The AC was very effective and the throw was felt in the rear.
  • Boot is huge at 350L.
  • Steering is small and very easy to use, this car felt great for filtering through traffic.
  • View from the driver seat was commanding.
  • The doors close with a loud thud even if you are gentle.
  • The placement of the rear power window switches in the center console looks bad.
  • The car has a super basic instrument cluster without a tacho.
  • The clutch is modulated very well and the engine feels pretty peppy.

Overall, this is definitely a great car for city use if priced right.

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