The United Pacific/Street Rodder AMSOIL Road Tour Part 1

As soon as the activities along the Gulf Coast started to wind down it was time for the AMSOIL Road Tour to head out. On Sunday morning about 30 hearty souls in 15 vehicles saddled up and headed west on what would be an old-school Road Tour thrash of almost 2,000 miles from Biloxi, Mississippi, to Huntington Beach, California. AMSOIL was the perfect sponsor as our vehicles all needed to be well lubricated and ready for the long journey. Our first day was a long 440-mile push through Mississippi into Texas. Sunday night we landed in the bustling town of Katy, Texas, just west of Houston. Dinner and off to bed was the choice of most of the Road Tourians.

Monday morning we were up early. Just after our 7:30 a.m. meeting we were out on I-10 headed for a lunch stop at the Vintage Air headquarters in San Antonio. Heavy traffic, a number of construction zones, and two major crashes slowed down our pace but we made it to San Antonio just in time for a great lunch provided by our friends at Vintage Air. Rick Love greeted the group and we were given a tour of the facility by Vintage Air engineer Ryan Zwicker. Vintage Air has been on all of the Road Tour vehicles since the beginning of the program back in 1996. It was a great stop at Vintage Air and thanks to Rick and Ryan for the southern hospitality.

While we were in San Antonio I stopped by to say “hello” to our friends at Cruze Customs. Besides having a really cool name, Brian Cruze and his team have worked on a number of our Road Tour cars over the years. The Cruze Custom shop is filled with projects in various stages of completion. By early afternoon it was time to continue our journey and we traveled another 200 miles and spent Monday evening in Ozona, Texas. It was a stormy night in Ozona but we were up at dawn Tuesday morning and soon drove out of the rain and into bright sunshine.

Tuesday was another long day as we traveled 400 miles, crossed into Mountain Time Zone, and landed in Las Cruces, New Mexico, for the evening. In Las Cruces we were joined by local rodders Jim Erickson and Steve Caufman who were heading to California in Jim’s very clean 1957 Chevy Black Widow tribute. We are getting closer but there are many miles to go before we make it to the West Coast. For now let’s just say, “California here were come!”

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