Theon Design previews new 964 build

BEL001 will be the first Theon project to use the new supercharged engine

By Matt Bird / Wednesday, January 19, 2022 / Loading comments

The appeal of a restomod sports car has never needed much explaining. In much the same way many people would like to live in an old, characterful house with modern wiring and plumbing, so plenty of car folk like the idea of an old, characterful car with some sympathetic upgrades. Like the bricks and mortar equivalent, finished restomod projects tend to be epic – and jolly expensive, too.

Theon Design will be revealing its latest commission very soon; for now, like the first 20 minutes of Grand Designs, we have the vision. BEL001 is going to be another 964-era Porsche 911, but with plenty of firsts for the Oxfordshire-based firm. As the name implies, this will be the first Theon build going to Belgium; it’s also the first recipient of Theon’s new supercharged, 450hp flat-six, and the first to get adjustable suspension courtesy of a collab between Theon and TracTive. A significant milestone for the company, then.

From the engine, we’re told to expect “the perfect balance of real-world tractability and spellbinding top-end performance”; add to that the “exceptional control and engagement” from the suspension modes and the potential is there for one heck of a restomodded Porsche.

Though little can be seen in these teaser images, the colour for this 964 is described as “a stunning shade of ‘Aquamarine'” – the inspiration having come from a 356 paint. Here it looks a little more green than the OEM hue, but this is hardly representative of how the finished car will look.

As for the rest of the package, BEL001 will apparently adhere to the philosophy and methods set out by previous commissions: a 964 is stripped to its shell and rebuilt to what Theon calls “exacting OEM+ standards”, with a host of lightweighting upgrades along the way. “BEL001 distils and enhances the essence of the air-cooled 911” says the press release. Like any good house renovation, that promise sounds more than worth the cost, hours, and effort of the build.

Theon Design says the full reveal of this car will take place “in the coming weeks”, so hopefully it ought to be ready for the best a Belgian spring has to offer. Which is a weekend trip to the Nurburgring. Theon founder Adam Hawley added: “With this latest commission we are again delivering on a precise client specification, instilling the car with thrilling performance, whilst using our expertise and OEM+ philosophy to refine and enhance the 911’s unique, captivating character.” Expect to see the car in all its Aquamarine glory very soon.

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