This 711 HP, Straight-Piped McLaren 570S is Straight-Up Hilarious

It’s no V-12 Lamborghini, but a stock McLaren 570S’ exhaust note sounds pretty good. The exhaust system connected to the 570S’ 3.8-liter, twin-turbocharged V-8 makes a no-nonsense rumble with a hint of turbocharger spool at idle and howls in acknowledgment when you mash the gas. If this isn’t loud enough, you can buy an upgraded titanium exhaust straight from McLaren, or do things the old-fashioned way by removing the muffler.

Supercar Youtube channel CVDZIJDEN posted a video of what happens when you straight-pipe a McLaren 570S and the results are glorious. The exhaust turns the dial on the 570S’ aforementioned idle rumble and turbo whistle up to 11 while adding lots of crackles and pops during deceleration. 

The exhaust was fitted by U.K. tuning shop Deutsch Tech, who explains in its own video that the McLaren’s catalytic converters were removed and the exhaust was custom-built. Additionally, the 570S received a software tune from Top Gear Tuning, bringing the car’s power output from 562 to 711 horsepower. We don’t even want to know where that Batman-derived Joker exterior wrap came from.

This footage was supposedly shot near Spa-Francorchamps in Belgium during The Cannon Run’s European Tour, a massive supercar rally that takes owners through 10 European countries. Listen to one of the rally’s loudest cars rev its heart out below.
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