This Route 66 Gas Station Doubles as a Classic Car Museum

About an hour west of Amarillo, Texas, just across the New Mexico state line, lies a fairly nondescript looking travel center called Russell’s, but it is anything but normal. Sure, it has the regular rows of gas pumps outside and shelves stocked with all kinds of road trip snacks inside, It’s really what lies tucked away in the back room that makes this place special. Instead of a storeroom full of supplies to restock the shelves like you get at most gas stations, the back of this travel center is chock full of old cars! In total we counted over 20 vehicles on display, and the best part, this little museum is free to the public.

In addition to the vehicles inside, there are also hundreds if not thousands of various other collectibles on display along the walls and in cabinets throughout the room, making it a lot to take in during a simple gas stop. So if you ever find yourself in the area and see one of the billboards for Russell’s Travel Center, be sure to stop in and check out this very unique and special fuel stop right off Route 66.


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