This Tesla Model 3 Took A 12m Fall Off The Road

This is what happens when you (unintentionally) roll your Tesla Model 3 off a 12m (40ft) embankment.

The driver, who it’s thought had some kind of seizure in the moments before the crash, escaped the crash without serious injuries, despite the car’s outer structure being ruined. The passenger cell looks fully intact, with no visible deformation to the A-pillars.

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Scarily, it fell straight into the play area of a daycare centre just below South West Moody Avenue. Thankfully it happened early in the morning before any children were at the site. The possibilities if it had occurred a few hours later don’t bear thinking about.

The EV crash safety argument will rear its head again, though, as a “small” fire broke out in the Model 3’s batteries as a tow truck attempted to remove it from the scene. The fire was put out quickly, but general concerns seem justified.

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