Transmission issue on my 2018 Maruti Dzire: AGS stuck in 2nd gear

They suggested a complete AMT assembly change but ended up changing only the AMT assembly child kit.

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I have been driving a 2018 Maruti Suzuki Dzire VDI AMT. Recently I have faced a vague issue, which I wanted to share with you. People who are going for the AMT version these days should be aware of these issues and choose their vehicles accordingly.

I have paid ~ Rs. 70,000 – Rs. 1 lakh extra for the AGS version and within 55,000 kilometres there are issues. I am sharing with you a video of my car’s recent breakdown. I was driving at 60 – 80 km/h and suddenly the gear was stuck in 2nd gear.

This incident happened on a busy highway (NH-65) and thankfully no accident happened.

You might imagine how hard it is to explain this – you are driving a vehicle at some speed and suddenly it stops in second gear in the middle of the road.

I tried reaching out to Maruti Suzuki Road Side Assistance for help, but they were not reachable. Once the call got connected, but without knowing my problem, they simply disconnected the call.

However, I took the help of a private towing van and shifted the vehicle to the Maruti Suzuki service centre. They took around 4 days to figure out the issue. They observed that the clutch wire got cut for no reason and suggested a complete AMT assembly change (~ Rs 70,000 – 80,000). As my vehicle was under warranty, I refused to pay the expenses. They tried to deny my request saying that vehicle had not been serviced at our workshop. I argued that during the lockdown, when the whole world was struggling for survival, how could they expect me to have my vehicle serviced at their workshop?

After a long discussion, they took another day and just changed the AMT assembly child kit which costs Rs. 5,000 only. The child kit installation and calibration were not done properly and the vehicle is giving jerks now.

I want this to be reported on your platform so that more people are aware of these issues.

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