Updates on my Triumph Tiger 800 & Yamaha R1: Ownership experience

Took the R1 out for a quick ride around my usual loop. Somehow I managed to enjoy the ride today a bit more.

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Tiger & R1 update.

The Tiger hadn’t been ridden in quite a while now. I guess it was at least 2 months since it was last taken out. The tiger was also up for an air filter change and I also wanted to change out the brake pads as it was getting towards the end of its life with barely 1000-1500 km left on the pads.

After what seemed like ages

Now for the Tiger 800 series changing the air filter is a pain. Because the tank needs to come off for proper access to the air box and removing the tank means removing the front beak, and a few other front panels before you get adequate access to the tank. Now since I had not done this job before and I had some business in Cochin, I decided to ride to cochin and get the help of my friend Sanju as he has done the air filter swap on a few tigers before. He wasn’t too amused too that I showed up because of the air filter swap on the tiger because of said amount of work.

Anyways, replaced the OE filter with the BMC stock replacement filter.

Out with the old

In with the new

Anyways we got cracking, got the air filter swapped, and then went on with the brake pad swap and I realized the EBC pads that I bought for the Tiger were the wrong ones. So that did not happen. Decided to do it at a later point as I needed a few days to get the correct part number sorted.

All done ready to roll

Just in case it’ll be useful for someone else in the future. The Tiger 800 XRX gen from 2018-20 has the Brembo brake calipers which need the EBC FA181HH but I had bought the EBC FA226HH(Bought this based on compatibility checks on a few websites which were clearly wrong) instead. Thankfully I did not break the packing of the pads so I saved myself the hassle of having problems with returning it for the right part. I’ll re-confirm this again once I get the new part in hand and make sure it fits properly.

All of this was a few days back. Took the R1 out for a quick ride around my usual loop. Somehow I managed to enjoy the ride today a bit more, I think it was because of the perfect riding climate and that the roads were especially empty even for an early Sunday morning. The sound from the Akra pipes is getting more and more intoxicating with each ride. Took a few pics along the way.

Took a few pics along the way. Here you go.

That’s about it for today.

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