USA: Mercedes EQS not as aspirational to own as S-Class, say dealers

Mercedes dealers, on average, take 82 days to sell the brand’s EQ models.

According to media reports, Mercedes-Benz dealers have the hardest time selling electric vehicles, compared to the brand’s competition.

As per data, Mercedes dealers, on average, take 82 days to sell the brand’s EQ models. In comparison, the average for the luxury segment to move electric vehicles is 57 days, while BMW and Audi have an average of 38 & 46 days, respectively.

One Mercedes dealer stated that while they had a six-month supply of EVs, they only had a 50-day supply of the brand’s ICE-powered vehicles. Dealers are blaming the expanding stockpiles of Mercedes EVs towards the brand’s unwillingness to enact sales programs amidst increasing competition. A dealer mentioned, “The EVs are coming whether or not you asked for them or earned them. There is too much of a price premium – especially at the top end of the EQ lineup – and almost no [lease] support.”

The dealer also went on to add that the EQ models lack the “lust factor” that Mercedes’ flagship ICE models, such as the S-Class and AMG GT command. He stated, “The S-Class has maintained good loyalty because it’s aspirational. An EQS is not something that most people aspire to own.”

Reports state that Mercedes-Benz is responding to dealer discontent by acknowledging the oversupply of higher-end EQ models at the expense of lower-tier EVs, plug-in hybrids and regular ICE models.

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