Used Bangalore airport’s newly constructed Terminal 2: My observations

Given the long walk and the almost zero traffic at this terminal, I was out with my bag in less than 5 minutes after I reached the belt.

BHPian vigsom recently shared this with other enthusiasts.


This is not a full blown review but some initial impressions and a quick showcase of the arrivals area of Bengaluru’s newly set up Terminal2.

How did I get here

This terminal serves three airlines currently – Vistara, Air Asia and Star Air. I flew in from Mumbai by Vistara and was looking forward to the arrival experience; and wasn’t disappointed at all!

Initial impressions


  • The novelty
  • Better looking signage
  • Peeping through the glass separating the arrivals walkway and a departure gate, I could see every seat having charging points
  • Gate waiting area looked impressive
  • Walkalators
  • Washrooms have Dyson sensor operated taps and dryers in one; should hopefully keep the basin clean and dry


  • Objects hanging from the ceiling could have been avoided
  • The brick pattern would invite divided opinions – I found it similar to IIMA and IIM Kashipur
  • A lot of walking to do like Delhi’s T3 or Mumbai’s T2

Bengaluru’s Terminal-2 in pictures

Let the pictures do the talking now.

Exiting the airbridge

Views of the terminal



Sample signage – love the purple background to distinguish wet areas from the rest

Peeping through the glass to get a shot of a gate waiting area

Some landscaping still W – I – P

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