Video: How my split-second reaction averted a disaster with a rickshaw

My reflex made me swerve the car as I knew I won’t be able to stop in time.

BHPian Dhruv29 recently shared this with other enthusiasts.

I recently had a near miss experience when I was driving.

Suddenly an auto rickshaw driver decided to merge back into lane when there is no space/lane marking for him to complete the manoeuvre.

My reflex made me swerve the car as I knew I won’t be able to stop in time.

Here’s what BHPian Drivaholic@2727 had to say on the matter:

 Exactly what autowalas are born for, to make abrupt turns. I hope no one was injured or hurt during this incident. After many incidents with Autowalas my family has made it a rule to keep at least a minute’s worth of braking distance as a gap between our car and the autowala.

Here’s what BHPian AutoNoob had to say on the matter:

You were lucky that no one was on the immediate lane left of you.

That idiot auto-driver must have realised that he’s entering the sub-way and turned left without even looking at rear view mirror.

At the end of the video you almost stopped. I hope you gave him earful, though it’s not going to make any difference to him.

BHPian Dhruv29 replied:

Yes, i was lucky in that aspect. But I was also confident for empty space, as I checked my rear view just 2 seconds before the manoeuvre. I’ve made it an habit to check my surroundings every 10-12 seconds and try to give way to maniacs, it it is the only way to survive driving in Delhi-NCR and not getting dented left and right.

Actually both roads were joining merging into one after just 100 meters. You would expect auto-driver to know the route thoroughly.

I saw him in my IRVM, he was about to tip over as well due to rear wheel climbing the divider as he tried to save himself from crashing into me.

I did gave him an earful! He apologised profusely and I let it go. If he did bump into me, then it would have been another scenario altogether.

Here’s what BHPian Stopunderrides had to say on the matter:

You were at low speed so it was ok. If you were at high speed you could have hit the parked bus due to this sudden swerve-a rear underride for you and a very bad outcome.

Please brake in a straight line and don’t swerve for such fools. Swerving without looking can become a habit.

Here’s what BHPian rGT had to say on the matter:

That’s in front of the Sector 54 Chowk Rapid Metro station. The autowala must have realised in the last moment that he might be able to get some passengers there, hence the sudden turn. I often shudder at how low margins they keep when navigating through heavy traffic. Borne heavy-drivers, these!

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