Volkswagen Beetle: Reader’s Car of the Week

This PHer’s had a lifelong obsession with the people’s car – and it shows no signs of fading

It might have once been called the people’s car, but the original Volkswagen Beetle isn’t for everyone. Some people think the rear-engined, rear-drive city car is just plain-old underpowered and noisy, but others drool over its curvaceous exterior and love the mechanical thrum of its flat four motor.

PHer DailyHack is one such person, having lusted after Beetles since laying eyes on his father’s restoration project as a child. His dad’s Beetle never re-found its former glory, but the passion had been ignited and DailyHack knew he’d own one, some day. That day came in his early 20s, when he purchased a 1966 car in black.

He’s now owned it for eight years, in which time it’s slowly been returned to original specification, barring a few modifications that should enhance the way it drives (and sounds). We’ll leave it to DailyHack’s thread and his wonderful pictures to illustrate the progress. Whichever side of the Beetle fence you sit on, though, this is one cool looking classic.

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