Volvo C40 Recharge real-world range after Mumbai-Pune drive

My intra-city trips are typically less than 5km, and with that the estimate of range for me as 350 km.

BHPian Yashraj recently shared this with other enthusiasts.

Got the C40 roughly 2 weeks back, and since then I’ve driven it from Mumbai to Pune and back, and within Mumbai city.

It’s an absolutely delightful car to drive. Since others have already discussed pros/cons, I will simply add a bit on the range of the car since that has not been covered extensively yet –

1. This is my first EV, so perhaps this was new for me, and might not be for others, that frequent shorter trips = less total range. This is mainly due to energy spent on cooling the car repeatedly.
2. My intra-city trips are typically less than 5km, and with that, the estimated range for me is 350 km.
3. If I was even slightly careful about my driving style, it was not difficult to extract a range of 450 km or higher from the car even when driving on highways. This is considering a speed of +100 km/h.
4. One pedal drive results in less efficiency, as opposed to what the dealership will tell you. It really eliminates a lot of the pain that comes with the bumper-to-bumper traffic on Mumbai roads.

Other notes:
1. The glass roof without any internal cover is pretty good. Barely any heat gets through, and there’s no glare through it.
2. There’s no “HOLD” option which even basic cars nowadays have. Instead, the dealership will say it has something better – “One pedal drive”. Yes, it kind of works that way, but it’s definitely not a clear substitute. So you are left with shifting the gear to “P”.
3. The mobile app is quite decent. Initially had some issues where the app wouldn’t update the car’s status, but re-pairing resolved it. I like the option to set a timer to cool the car on pre-determined days of the week at my chosen time. This option is missing in the XC60.

Let me know if anyone has any other questions pertaining to the C40.

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