VW Wants to Conquer Petite Pickup Market with South American Teeny Tanoak

Building on the success of the Tanoak concept, VW has released a new pickup-that-builds-on-an-SUV concept, the Tarok. The concept was revealed at the Sao Paolo auto show earlier today.

Smaller than the Tanoak, which is Atlas-based, the Tarok will likely share more in common with one of VW’s more recent, small European CUVs, like the T-Cross and the T-Roc.

The concept, for instance, has a 1.4-liter gas engine making 148 hp, but it can run on Brazil-approved pure ethanol if you so choose.

The party piece, though, is the bed, that looks a little like a Chevy Avalanche’s, due to its small scale. With two rows and comfortable seating for five, the Tarok leans a little farther to the CUV side of the CUV-Pickup equation.

That said, though, it still has more than 6 feet of cargo space in the bed when you fold the back seats forward. So, again, like an Avalanche, but smaller.

Like the Tanoak, though, the Tarok has an attention-grabbing “roll bar.” Although this one doesn’t slide fore and aft, it is stainless steel, which looks pretty good.

A very CUV-like panoramic sunroof brings a lot of light into the cabin, which should help make it a pleasant place to sit. But 2,200 lbs of payload should help you haul most of the things you need to haul, which isn’t too bad for small pickups (the Ranger, for instance, has as little as 1,840 lbs of payload).

Of course, VW can say whatever they want, because this is just a concept. They do promise, though, that this is remarkably like what the production version will actually be, though a 2.0-liter diesel will likely be available when it comes out.

Although its launch is set for Brazil, more markets are set to follow. Probably don’t hold your breath for an American Tarok, though.

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