Watch Lamborghini Urus Do 0-60 MPH In Just 2.93 Seconds

Is it the world’s quickest SUV? We’ll find out soon.

When Lamborghini debuted the Urus, the automotive society anathematized the Italian automaker for joining the mainstream SUV segment. Many people said the vehicle has nothing to do with the Lambo brand and its traditional values. But are they right? Well, we have one video to prove them wrong. It comes from DragTimes and, yes, it puts the Urus to its limits.

Lamborghini describes the Urus as the world’s first super SUV and its acceleration is here to prove that. Using a VBOX performance measurement system, the folks from the YouTube channel make a number of 0-60 miles per hour (0-96 kilometers per hour) sprints. The best result is 2.93 seconds but that’s on a standard tarmac, which means 2.8 seconds or even below that is possible on a drag strip.

The full test summary shows more interesting results. For example, 0 to 100 mph (0-160 kph) takes 7.5 seconds (the info you’ll see in the video is wrong), while the 60-130 mph (96-209 kph) requires 10.2 seconds.

Well, that’s quick, to say the least. But can the Urus take down the current world record holder for the quickest SUV, the Tesla Model X P100D? We will find out soon in another video from the channel, but we have a strong feeling that’s going to be a close battle lost by the Urus. Why? Because the Model X is faster than the Lamborghini Aventador SV, which in turn is faster than the Urus.

Anyway, we can easily crown the Urus as the quickest-accelerating and fastest ICE-powered SUV in the world. Maybe the Jeep Cherokee Trackhawk is its only real competitor, especially when tuned by Hennessey. But after the tuner’s modification it’s no longer considered a production SUV, so it’s probably safe to say the Urus is the fastest and quickest SUV in the world to feature an internal combustion engine.

Source: DragTimes on YouTube

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