Watch: Lamborghini’s LM002 Was Pretty Super

Lamborghini will start racing its new SUV in an attempt to prove that it’s just as super as any of its cars, but we shouldn’t forget about the LM002, its first SUV, which was pretty super in its own right.

With a Countach-derived V12 pumping out more than 400 hp, the LM002 was capable of hitting 60 in a surprisingly spritely (for the time) eight seconds.

Despite Lamborghini being at the bottom of the list of manufacturers I’d pick to make military vehicles, the LM002 was initially conceived as one. Unsurprisingly, no one bought one, as Top Gear points out in this video, but that little bed in the back remains as a reminder of its army days since that’s where the gunner was supposed to stand.

But it’s lack of active duty is anything but a disappointment, since it means that (a few extremely wealthy members of) the public were allowed to buy one. And they probably had a pretty good time in it if this video of it in a quarry is any indication.

While kicking up muddy water and power sliding through the dirt, it looks right at home.

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