Watch This Peugeot Get Pummeled By A 43,000 PSI Power Washer

Killing a car with a power washer looks like all kinds of fun.

Friends, it’s time for something a bit different. We all are fans of the automobile, and as such, we take pride in keeping our rides clean. Actually, some of us take pride in getting it dirty as well, but we’ll save that side of the discussion for a later date. Point being, we all wash our cars, and sometimes it can be a real pain to get them clean.

Fear not, for we’ve found a solution. A bit crazy perhaps, but it will get the job done.

Granted, the pressure on this power washing system is a tad higher than what you’d normally find at your local quarter wash. However, not even the toughest bit of bird poo can withstand water being blasted at 43,500 psi. For that matter, neither can the paint, the tires, the plastic trim, or the windows. And you thought water was just for drinking and epic belly flops at the community pool.

This video comes from on YouTube, and it’s a stark reminder of just how powerful water can be. There are many high-pressure water cutting systems on the market, but we’ve never seen one turned against a car in such a savage manner. Considering only about 15,000 psi is needed to cut through freaking stone, the non-steel components of this poor Peugeot 206 never had even the smallest chance of survival. Stripping paint with such pressure is beyond easy, and we’re not at all surprised to see the glass explode under such pressure. Ripping open the steel-belted tires was something of a shocker, however.

We aren’t sure why this video was done, aside from the sheer delight of seeing such destruction from a stream of water. There are only a few other videos on this particular channel and none have the savagery of this one, but if you want views, killing a Peugeot with water isn’t a bad way to go.

One thing is for certain: we’ll be thinking about this clip the next time we’re trying to get the bug guts off our front fascia.

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