Water seeping inside the front doors of my Innova Crysta: Common issue?

Got charged Rs 1000 to investigate, open and clean the front doors.

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I have my Innova Crysta parked in spaces with no ceiling/roof sometimes. Recently when we were travelling long, my family heard water “swish” -ing sounds from the front door, when there was no water bottle in the door pockets stored. We then realised that water has entered the door interior and needed to be drained. I found some drain holes at the bottom, removed the rubber clip and was able to drain off the water. After some 10 days, I heard the same sounds on the left side rear passenger door and again, used the same way to drain the water from the doors.

I am wondering how the water would have entered the doors? I checked the rubber beading over the passenger door glasses and there is no gap there. Could someone advise from where the water could be seeping inside? What precautionary measures to take?

Update: The service folks claim that it is normal that water enters the windows, for the front door, via the quarter glass panel edges. They claim that the beading around the glass area does not shield water from entering the door. Often water shall enter and drain from the hole at the bottom of the door compartment. This hole is usually sealed with a rubber stopper and it is to be removed and the hole to be kept open it seems.

They also claim that the passage for the water entering thus is ensured not to cross with the electronic components inside the door.

Since I was not there when they opened the door panels, I am not sure how that would be possible.

Pictures from Innova Crysta and Innova doors were shared on WhatsApp.

Toyota charged Rs 1000 and odd bucks to open, investigate and clean the door inside, that’s it.

Here’s what BHPian PrideRed had to say on the matter:

This is probably one of the niggles of Innova Crysta. Remember seeing someone else also had reported the same issue in Forum, had to replace power window-related stuff.

Here’s what BHPian adigup had to say on the matter:

Happens with my Innova every time (and a friend’s too), we use toothpick/floss brushes carefully to clear the water.

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