Why I restored my Honda Activa instead of buying an EV scooter

As of now, the scooter is as good as new with a complete service and running smoothly like butter.

BHPian ashkamath recently shared this with other enthusiasts.

Well, I have a 2007 Honda Activa that has done around 85000 Kms (as of date) and last year I got the FC renewed for a further period of 5 years.

My usage pattern is a bit similar to your usage. About 500-600 Kms per month average. I was in a similar dilemma last year when my scooter completed 15 years. The present lot of scooters (both ICE & EV) are in range of INR 1 L and above and whether I should be spending that amount for a new scooter. The present market value of my Activa is very negligible so selling it does not fetch me anything substantial.

I live in Goa and hence due to the coastal weather, the metal body of Activa had corroded and the paint had faded. Mechanically the scooter was running fine with about 35-40 Kms per liter fuel efficiency.

So, what I did was got my Activa stripped and painted (INR 6K) changed the belt, a bearing and a full service (around INR 2K) and got the FC done for another 5 years. The painter has assured that the paint will last another 5 years and anyways that will be in 2027 and I shall scrap the scooter when that time comes. As of now, the scooter is as good as new with a complete service and running smoothly like butter.

As some one mentioned earlier, the EV industry is maturing and I believe in another 4-5 years time, we would be seeing EV scooters with a higher range, perhaps a bit affordable and better charging infrastructure. I am adopting a wait and watch approach as EV is still in a transition phase.

Personally I feel that if your scooter is working to your satisfaction, you could continue extending its FC for another 5 years and keep the EV option open. Going ahead, you can buy an EV scooter anytime if you feel like it

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