Wrong-coloured Maruti Grand Vitara registered in my name: Now what?

I am not willing to compromise on the colour & now have no specific timeline for delivery.

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All I can say is, please double-check the documentation you sign on, don’t ever sign on blank forms & do your PDI! Better than the shock you get on delivery day.

Avik drops in the following query via this page!

I really need some help from Team-BHP with an issue. I had booked the Grand Vitara Alpha MT 2WD Grandeur Grey from Bhandari Nexa Newtown, Kolkata on 01/08/22. My date for car delivery was 09/11/22, over a month delayed than what was promised. To my utter shock and disbelief, the dealer got a Blue car registered to me instead. I do not want to compromise on the colour. I am at my wits end on how to deal with this. The dealer has assured me that they will get me my Grey Grand Vitara, but they have no specific timeline. Meanwhile, I am paying for insurance and car loan EMIs on a vehicle that I don’t even have! Please help. Will also appreciate any help to escalate this with Maruti-Nexa.

Here’s what BHPian Shreyans_Jain had to say on the matter:

Really doubt that anything can be done if the car has actually been registered in the person’s name. If the OP refuses to take the delivery, that car will effectively become second-hand. And even if they work out a compromise and he gets a new car, this one bearing his name will continue to legally be his responsibility. If someone else buys it and doesn’t transfer it, or if the dealership keeps it for its own use and doesn’t transfer it into their name, the OP will end up being liable in case anything happens. Ditto for insurance. Similarly, he is and will continue to be obligated to clear out the loan for this particular car.

Supreme Court rulings are very clear. The person whose name is on the RC will be responsible in case of any liability. Sale deeds or affidavits will have no bearing.

The best course of action here should be for the OP to take the delivery of the car, considering it as a hard lesson learnt. Alternatively, he can consider taking the legal route. But physical possession of the car is a must, for his own safety and peace of mind.

This is exactly why owners should do their PDI before signing off on the registration papers.

Here’s what BHPian condor had to say on the matter:

Is it a mistake in specifying the colour, or do the Engine / Chassis numbers match that on the Blue GV?

The next steps will depend on this. If only colour, then it should be possible to correct it. Else, I don’t see any practical way other than living with a car of the wrong colour.

Here’s what BHPian lapis_lazuli had to say on the matter:

A possibility is it has been intentionally done by the dealer knowing well, once registered there’s nothing much the buyer can do. It could be “extra” stock, quick deal completion pressure, invisible damage or anything really. Greedy times! Desperate times! Both ways.

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