XUV700 completes 11000 km: 7 observations after my Srinagar-Manali trip

No rattling noise, no mechanical issues, and no electrical failures to date.

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Mahindra XUV700 AWD AXL: 2.5 months of ownership.

Completed 11,000 km with a quick excursion of the Srinagar-Leh-Manali circuit.


1. As obvious, FE at different stretches varied, however, the following FE was noted in-tank fill method of measuring:

2. The road from Srinagar to Leh is butter-smooth now! The pitch-black tar with mesmerizing terrains gives goose bumps to travellers!

3. While the road from Leh to Pangong, Khardung La and some other passes gives the opportunity to test the AWD/4×4 capabilities, it’s doable from any car of any drivetrain and size. If you keep looking for some off-road adventures, you will get a lot of them. A glimpse of some mild off-roading opportunities in this video.

4. I didn’t face any DPF clogging/warning, however, I had to top up the AdBlue since the level was already showing 90% consumed at around 8,500 km on ODO.

5. No puncture to date! The OEM tyres (Bridgestone Ecopia) have provided decent grip in slush and slippery conditions. However, if the Indian market, in the near future, gets an AT tyre of the same profile (235/60 R18), I will opt for it.

6. At 10,500 km, I got my 2nd servicing done. Costs around Rs 3900 which include engine oil, carbon filter, oil filter etc., replaced.

7. No rattling noise, no mechanical issues, and no electrical failure in the first 11,000 km that I completed. Keeping my fingers crossed to reach much more milestones – niggle free!

Embedding a slideshow of some of the pics of the car, taken during this trip.

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