Young Racers: Win Race Fuel, Get In Car Craft!

We are always excited when we can bring young people into the car crafting hobby, so when we got together with Sunoco Race Fuels to promote youth racing in motorsports for their Young Racers’ Club, you know we had to jump-start the program with some serious swag. As you are already too familiar, racing can get expensive, and young adults don’t have a lot of money to go racing. To help, each month we want to make the struggle easier for up-and-coming racers by giving away one 55-gallon drum of Sunoco race fuel and a 5-gallon carry container.

If you are a racer between 14 and 24 years old, all you have to do is write us a short note explaining why you should be admitted to Sunoco’s Young Racers’ Club, just like new member Sarah Robbins did:

“My name is Sarah Robbins. I recently turned 24 years old and live in Grand Junction, Colorado. I would like to enter my 1972 Dodge Demon in the Sunoco Race Fuels Young Guns.

“My car started out as a 1975 Dodge Dart that I drove in high school. I first raced it with the original slant-six, but after lots of work we converted the Dart into a full-fledged race car. My Dad helped me with the body work and we added the ’72 Demon front end along with the Demon tail panel.

“While in high school, I took two years of auto mechanics that has helped me with wrenching on my car. My dad was a teacher at the high school I attended, and he was famous for trying to get me in trouble.  The attached picture of the school resource officer was one of his pranks.

“The car is named Li’l Demon Too, and currently has a 408 that I race in the Rocky Mountain Nostalgia class. Recently, we were in Las Vegas, where I went three rounds running off a pro tree. My greatest accomplishment was at the Division 7 Bracket Finals when I was 18 years old. I went to the final round out of 181 cars in my class. At 21, I also was runner-up in the Young Guns (16 to 21 year old class) at the end of the year in the points chase at our local track, Western Colorado Dragway. I also have finished in the Top 10 in the Sportsmen class at WCD for the past five years.

“I want to thank my parents for the support they have given me over the years with my racing. My Dad, Larry, helped me with the body work and paint on the car, and my brother, Justin, helps with the mechanical issues of keeping my car running. My best time at our track was an 11.80 e.t. at 5,000 feet of elevation. My dad and brother both race in NHRA’s Stock Eliminator class, which will be a goal some day for me.”

Get Some Too!
For her effort, Sarah received a 55-gallon drum of the Sunoco race fuel of her choice, and a jug to carry it in to the track. The best part is that she will be inducted into the Sunoco YRC in the February 2019 issue of Car Craft. Sarah isn’t the only one either. In recent months, we’ve given away fuel and props to Emily Guthrie (24, Newcastle, OK), Wesley Butler (22, Indianapolis, IN), Robert Worchester (22, Panama City, FL), and brothers Landon, Braxton, and Dillan Daniels (18, 19, & 17; Iron City, TN).

To be considered, you’ve got two choices: message us through the Car Craft Facebook page, or send an email to Car Craft GM John Viscardo at [email protected]. You’ll need to provide a brief description and 2 – 3 photos, and don’t forget to include a phone number and address so we can contact you if you are selected as a winner!

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