11-Year-Old Repeat Offender Leads Police On Another Car Chase

At least dad didn’t blame video games this time.

This is a very sad story, not because anybody died or some amazing supercar bit the dust. An 11-year-old boy was slightly injured in a minor crash, but it didn’t come at the hands of a drunk or distracted driver. Actually, a distracted driver was responsible, but here’s the plot twist – the driver was the freaking kid, who stole his mom’s 2013 Dodge Durango in anger after she took away his PlayStation. A short police chase around Cleveland ensued, and if this all sounds a bit too familiar, it’s because this same kid did it last year. Oh dear.

According to Cleveland.com, the youth (no names have been released) had a spat with mom because she took away his PlayStation. We can’t imagine what such an upstanding kid would do to incur mom’s wrath in such a manner, but sarcasm aside, he elected to embark on his own real-life video game after she went to sleep. The report says he stole the SUV around 10:45 PM and was spotted not long after by dad, who happened to be out on the town himself for some late-night activities. Dad called mom and then gave chase, though apparently nobody called the police.

That didn’t matter, because police saw the SUV pull into a fire station in an attempt to lose dad. Thinking it was a lost motorist, the cops stopped to offer assistance and well, you can guess what happened from there. The chase lasted about 10 minutes and hit speeds of 90 mph before officers called it off for safety, but the kid apparently didn’t stop. He hit a parked truck 25 minutes later and went to the hospital with some scrapes and cuts, telling officers he crashed simply because he wasn’t paying attention. Unbelievable.

This is actually the third time – that we know of at least – where this kid stole a car. Last October he nabbed his mom’s boyfriend’s Toyota and led cops on a huge chase because he was “bored,” and he took his mom’s car a few weeks before that as well. The story says the kid has a range of disorders, including ADHD and something called “oppositional defiant disorder” which WebMD.com defines as “a condition in which a child displays an ongoing pattern of an angry or irritable mood, defiant or argumentative behavior, and vindictiveness toward people in authority.” We aren’t medical pros by any means, but honestly, this kind of sounds like every angry kid at some point. Time for some tough love.

In any case, we sincerely hope this boy gets some serious, legitimate help because he’s gone way past having his video games taken away.

Source: Cleveland.com

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