Aston Martin unveils new AMR23 F1 car

110th anniversary continues with launch of this season's Grand Prix racer

By Matt Bird / Monday, 13 February 2023 / Loading comments

Given the enormous amount of money it takes to run a Formula 1 team, the question of value must inevitably come up. Because if an F1 operation isn’t raising brand awareness or driving customers towards the road cars, what’s the point? Ahead of the reveal of this AMR23, Aston Martin actually conducted some research into the effectiveness of its F1 campaigning. Apparently more than 89 per cent of customers globally are interested in F1, which is perhaps higher than expected. More interestingly, its study found that 96 per cent of US-based customers (Aston’s biggest market) thought a presence in the sport made them more likely to consider the brand. Which feels an odd response, given these people already own an Aston Martin, but seems encouraging – and further validates F1’s decision to put more races in the US.

Furthermore, the survey suggested that 92 per cent of respondents felt that the F1 representation is ‘amplifying Aston Martin’s high performance and technological credentials’. That again seems a very high number as we wait for that much needed update of the roadgoing sports cars.

Anyway, that’s an aside – here’s the main event, the Aston Martin AMR23. Described as a ‘significant evolution’ of last year’s car with a host of new design features, the 23 is going to be driven by Fernando Alonso and Lance Stroll. Aston’s stated aim for this car, following the AMR22’s gradual evolution into a consistent points challenger, is to be in that position from the get-go. Said to be improved in every critical area by Technical Director Dan Fallows, the most notable changes are the heavily revised front wing, new sidepods and a redesigned engine cover. Like every 2023 contender, the AMR23 has a 15mm higher floor than last year, to reduce the porpoising effect. Because of this year’s big anniversary, the AMR23 also carries a new badge on its nose, called the ‘110 Iconic Years’ crest. Don’t forget the big celebration coming up at Silverstone later in the year for the British Grand Prix.

Speaking of which, perhaps the biggest news from the 2023 F1 car reveal is that it took place at the new Silverstone HQ of the Aston Martin Aramco Cognizant Formula 1 team. Construction on the 37,000 square metre campus started in 2021, and the first phase should be finished in the spring. The wind tunnel, exhibition space and simulator – phases two and three – are set for completion at the end of 2024. Aston are in this for the long haul, it seems; the first all-new F1 building for almost 20 years is set to boast full-time personal trainers for staff, EV charging points, and more than 72,0000 square metres of wild meadow.

As AMF1 Executive Chairman, Lawrence Stroll is the man behind all this. He said of the AMR23: “This year’s move into our new state-of-the-art factory is more than just a serious statement of intent: it will considerably strengthen and empower every single individual in this organisation, helping us to deliver on our ambition to narrow the gap to the front of the grid and, in time, become genuine championship frontrunners.

“In the past year, we have demonstrated the determination and belief needed to move forward and we have constructed a brand-new car to match our vision and ambition.” No doubt even more than 96 per cent of Aston Martin customers would love to see them have a great 2023 season – it all kicks off in Bahrain over the first March weekend.

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