Another F1 driver says passing should be easier in 2019

Another Formula 1 driver is hopeful the new aerodynamic rules for 2019 will make overtaking easier.

There has been great skepticism that the changes, most particularly the wider new front wing, will help a chasing driver to more easily follow his rival.

But Daniel Ricciardo sounded a positive note last week, and now Haas driver Kevin Magnussen is also hopeful overtaking will be easier this year.

"I followed another car today, and it really feels much better than last year," Magnussen is quoted as saying by Ekstra Bladet newspaper. "There are many people who said the rules would not make a difference. But for me there was a big difference today. I could actually follow the other car, and after about one and a half laps I was past.

"I probably would have also got past last year, but it was definitely easier.

"I look forward to seeing how it is on other circuits, as there are always factors you could have missed. But the first signs are good. Perhaps with this big rear wing and DRS, it will be even be too much and it will be too easy to get past without racing."

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