Fernando Alonso refuses to close book on return to F1 in 2020

Two-time Formula 1 championship Fernando Alonso says he is open to a F1 return or a full season in IndyCar in 2020 after taking time to recharge from a long season of F1 and the World Endurance Championship.

Speaking after becoming the only driver to complete a qualifying whitewash over his teammate in 2018, Alonso sought to clarify comments made by his manager Flavio Briatore — the Italian saying to ‘Never say never’ about a future F1 return for Alonso.

“I think next year, I needed a break and I needed to find again motivation to relax a little bit from a very busy year but in 2020 I am open for different things,” said Alonso. “Maybe a full season in IndyCar, maybe a full season in Formula 1 again. There are a lot of things that are within the view."

Keeping in mind that the McLaren MCL33 is one of the worst cars ever to come out of the McLaren factory, Alonso has been able to drag results out of the car that possibly no other driver would be able to. Still, Alonso is just 10th in the F1 standings for drivers.

Qualifying in Abu Dhabi was another example of this as he managed to make it out of Q1 on what will be, for now at least, the final qualifying session of his F1 career. Alsono qualified 15th, while teammate Stoffel VanDoorne was 18th.

“It is the way it is,” continued Alonso. “We have not been very competitive this weekend so we were quite pessimistic for the chances of getting out of Q1 but we managed somehow to get to Q2 so we are happy about that.

“First priority for tomorrow is to finish the race, see the checkered flag, execture the race good enough to feel proud on the last one and if we can be in the points that would be a dream. We are five positions away so let’s see if there is some action in-front of us in the first few corners.”

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