Formula 1 Is Planning to Hold at Least 15 Races This Year

The coronavirus has thrown a wrench into everything motorsport in 2020, and championships around the world are scrambling to adjust. Formula 1 just announced a revised calendar for its season that proposes a season of 15 to 18 races, with a start in Austria on July 5.

The proposal would have teams racing throughout Europe in July, August, and the first part of September. The rest of September, as well as the first half of October, are reserved for races in Eurasia and Asia. The latter half of October and all of November are meant for events in the rest of Asia and the Americas. Finally, the season would finish off in the middle east in December, with the final race at Abu Dhabi.

F1 has yet to publish a concrete calendar with actual dates, with Austria being the only race with a set weekend at this time.

“We expect the early races to be without fans but hope fans will be part of our events as we move further into the schedule,” CEO Chase Carey said in a press release. “We still have to work out many issues like the procedures for the teams and our other partners to enter and operate in each country.”

The Silverstone circuit confirmed earlier today that if it were to host a Grand Prix, it would be behind closed doors, with no access to the track for fans.

The newly proposed schedule comes just hours after organizers canceled the French Grand Prix, originally set to take place in June. It joins the Chinese, Bahrain, Vietnam, Dutch, Spanish, Azerbaijan, and Monaco Grands Prix.

“All of our plans are obviously subject to change as we still have many issues to address and all of us are subject to the unknowns of the virus,” Carey said. “We all want the world to return to the one we know and cherish, yet we recognize it must be done in the right and safest way. We look forward to doing our part by enabling our fans to once again safely share the excitement of Formula 1 with family, friends, and the broader community.”

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