GT Sport Brake Light Quiz: Spot the Car from Just the Brake Lights

Car manufacturers and designers like their vehicles to be distinctive and on-brand from all angles. They spend millions on imposing certain stylistic flourishes across their range, from the tiniest little hatchback to the most enormous SUV they make.

Though you might spot it most readily in the front ends, or little nods here and there — like BMW’s Hofmeister-Knick — it doesn’t end there. The designers even tweak the tail lights for family resemblance, or historical cues to let you know that an ancestor inspired them in the design of their new car. Alternatively they forget all about them and buy in a load of cheap light units from Ford or a coach manufacturer.

With this in mind, and Polyphony Digital’s reputation for visual accuracy in modeling — if you ever visit PD’s library you’ll find random tail light units the team bought as spare parts in the early days, in order to replicate them in the game — we’ve put together a little quiz.

There’s ten cars here, and all we want you to do is identify them by just their brake lights. We promise we haven’t put the Toyota 86GT in this time…

GT Sport Brake Light Quiz

Can you tell what these ten GT Sport cars are, just from their brake lights?


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