GTPlanet GT Sport Photo Mode Competition 22 Now Open

We’re just going to let you know now — a song from the ’90s will get stuck in your head thanks to our latest GT Sport PMC.

Consider that your warning.

But before we get to the inevitable sing-along, we’ve got a poll to take care of!

PMC 21 Poll Now Open

Man and machine. As good as a car may be, it’s lap times are only as fast as the driver brave — or crazy — enough to pilot it.

That was the theme of our last GT Sport PMC. Thanks to the ability for players to snap their digital avatars, as well as fancy up their suits a bit more, the community’s response was strong. There’s just over 30 images here for you to vote on, so good luck narrowing your choice down:

Vote for the GTPlanet GTS PMC 21 right here!

This Fortnight’s Theme

Our latest theme is the title of one of the most earwormy songs of all time. We’ll let Safoo explain, as Eiffel 65 plays in the background:

“This PMC involves interpretation of the word… BLUE…

“Take out your favorite road car, paint it blue? Paint the wheels blue? Use the sky? Water? Reflections? Highlight one part of the car? As long as it’s blue…

“Have fun!”

CARS: Road cars (no race cars)
LIVERIES: Optional
LOCATIONS: Scapes Only
UNIQUE RESTRICTIONS: Must use the color blue as the main “feature”

How To Enter

Want to enter any of the GTPlanet Photo Mode Competitions? You’ll need to become a member of our forums first — you can sign up here.

Next, you’ll want to submit your image. Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to get your image ready for the submission. Once you’ve done that, post the FINAL ENTRY in this week’s associated forum thread. That’s it!

Competition Rules

For the full list of competition rules, click right here. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to send me a message.

Featured image courtesy of Safoo.

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