NASCAR Mailbag: Who will be in the Championship Four?

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With people seemingly getting bored with so many mile and a half races and the excitement and good racing at road courses, do you see a potential for maybe 1 or 2 more road courses added in the future? And if so would they have to be rovals like homestead or Texas or could it be a true road course like COTA or Road America? – From Shaun

Shaun, thanks for the question. The only way new road courses can be added to the schedule prior to the 2021 season would be if an existing track changes its design for one of its races to a road course, just as Charlotte Motor Speedway did with its Roval. But it seems very unlikely any other track will make that move in the short term. So for the next few years, we have probably maxed out on road courses. For 2021 and beyond, it’s always possible a new road course not currently on the schedule could be added, but with no desire to expand the schedule (if anything people want to make it shorter), that means someone would have to give up a current race. – Jim Utter

My question to you is how do you think any of the Big 3 will make the Final 4? With drivers like Chase Elliott and Aric Almirola finding some recent speed, and Martin Truex Jr on the cutline, how things stack up for them? – From Zachary

Zachary, after this past Sunday, Kevin Harvick is locked in for title fight. Kyle Busch and Martin Truex Jr. still have a significant points advantage over the other four, so it appears the “Big 3” will battle for the championship. The biggest question mark at Phoenix would come if someone lower in points than Truex were to win that race. It’s possible, with Chase Elliott having the best chance in my opinion. But it would be no surprise if the “Big 3” all end up in Homestead together. – Jim Utter

Thus far in this year’s playoffs, who would you say have been the top 5 best performers? And who is the biggest sleeper? Thank you! – From Jack  

Jack, speaking just in the playoffs, I would say Kevin Harvick would be near the top, especially considering laps led and he’s scored the second-most points of anybody. Right up with him – and probably a biggest sleeper – has been Joey Logano, who has scored the most points of any driver in the playoffs thus far and, like Harvick, is already locked in the Championship 4. Others in the playoffs who I think have performed very well are Aric Almirola, Ryan Blaney and Brad Keselowski. – Jim Utter

Will Dodge come back to NASCAR I haven’t watched since they left? – From Thomas

Thomas, you’re not the first person to ask this question, but while there have been rumors all year about Dodge, nothing is definite so far. You can never say never in this sport, but from the sources I’ve contacted, there is nothing planned for Dodge to re-enter NASCAR anytime soon. – Tim Southers

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