SpeedKore Debuts All Carbon-Fiber Dodge Demon For SEMA

The supercharged 6.2-liter V8 makes 1,200 horsepower.

SpeedKore is making waves at the 2019 SEMA Show in Las Vegas. Already, the company has a Dodge Charger that has nothing in common with the iconic 1970 American classic other than its appearance. The Wisconsin-based tuner has another product on display, but this one is distinctly Dodge. SpeedKore partnered with Big Machine Label Group President/CEO Scott Borchetta to build a Dodge Challenger SRT Demon with better performance. 

“The SpeedKore team likes nothing better than a challenge,” says Jim Kacmarcik, president of SpeedKore Performance Group. “We understand the expectations of enthusiasts like Scott, so we worked closely with him from design concept to the final execution, creating his vision of a vehicle that is both powerful and a great representation of both the SpeedKore and Big Machine brands.”

To make the SpeedKore Demon something unique, the aftermarket tuning company increased horsepower and redid the bodywork in carbon fiber – which is the company’s forte. Under the hood sits the same supercharged 6.2-liter Hemi V8 engine; however, instead of producing 840 horsepower, the mill now makes 1,200 hp at the crank, delivering 980 hp to the ground. The bottom end of the engine remains stock, but SpeedKore, with the enlisted help of Gearhead Fabrications, did add a larger Whipple supercharger and upgraded the throttle body and cold-air intake. The company added larger fuel injectors, too. 

Surprisingly, SpeedKore kept much of the Demon stock, including the suspension, transmission, and brakes. The company plans on upgrading the suspension and brakes in the future to give the Demon bettered handling at a proper race track. The Demon features 20-by-11-inch HRE Series C105 forged three-piece wheels wrapped in 315/30 ZR20 Pirelli P Zero Corsa tires all around. 

While the mechanical improvements are enticing enough, the company is known for its extensive use of carbon fiber. For the Demon, the company recreated all of the Demon’s bodywork with carbon fiber, which includes the front bumper, front splitter, fenders, fender flares, rockers, hood, roof, quarter panels, mirror covers, trunk lid, trunk spoiler, rear bumper, and diffuser. All the pieces were manufactured by hand before being painted in PPG “Big Machine Red.” Inside, the Demon features SpeedKore carbon fiber door panels and a SpeedKore 14-point roll cage. 

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Speedkore partners with Big Machine Label Group to create 1200hp Dodge Demon

Wisconsin-based SpeedKore™ Performance Group has partnered with Big Machine Label Group President/CEO Scott Borchetta to create a very special Dodge Challenger SRT Demon for track days. With its wide range of performance parts for the Dodge Challenger SRT platforms, SpeedKore is the premier specialist in the US for Hellcat and Demon owners. From its carbon fiber bodywork to supercharger upgrades and twin-turbo conversions, the company is able to address styling and performance requirements.

The collaboration with Big Machine’s Borchetta began when Jim Kacmarcik, president of SpeedKore Performance Group and a partner in Given Music Publishing with Cindy Owen, met with Borchetta in Nashville. With their connection to music and a passion for cars, the partnership was a natural fit. With an extensive racing background, Borchetta was intrigued by the prospect of taking the most powerful muscle car ever built and putting it on a road course. “The SpeedKore team likes nothing better than a challenge,” Kacmarcik said. “We understand. the expectations of enthusiasts like Scott, so we worked closely with him from design concept to the final execution, creating his vision of a vehicle that is both powerful and a great representation of both the SpeedKore and Big Machine brands.”

The SpeedKore recipe is always to reduce weight and add power. They do this by first incorporating high-quality carbon fiber panels, which remove weight from the Dodge Challenger body. The Demon’s insanely powerful 840hp 6.2-liter Hemi V8 engine was then upgraded to boost horsepower. In this case, the modified Hemi put 980hp to the ground in a recent dyno test, or approximately 1200hp at the crank.

As a testimony to the Demon’s engineering, many of its other systems remain stock, including the engine’s bottom end and transmission. At this point, the brakes and suspension are also stock but the parts were designed for the drag strip rather than hard cornering. Yet Borchetta relished the challenge of using it on high-speed ovals and road courses. Future upgrades will include more suitable suspension and brake packages to create a safe track car for Scott to enjoy.

As a concession to its first track outing, SpeedKore fitted a set of 20×11” HRE Series C105 forged three-piece wheels. These are a larger diameter than the stock 18×11” wheels, allowing them to be fitted with 315/30 ZR20 Pirelli P Zero Corsa tires front and rear. These are among the Italian company’s stickiest road/racing compounds and increase grip in the corners, enabling Borchetta to put more of the power to the track.

The Borchetta Demon is a jaw-dropper thanks to its SpeedKore carbon fiber bodywork. Finished to genuine OE quality, SpeedKore perfectly recreated all the Demon bodywork. It includes the front bumper, front splitter, fenders, fender flares, rockers, hood, roof, quarter panels, mirror covers, trunk lid, trunk spoiler, rear bumper and diffuser. All are manufactured by hand from aerospace-grade, pre-preg carbon fiber in Wisconsin by SpeedKore craftsmen.

Once all the parts were fitted the car was painted in PPG “Big Machine Red.” Scott requested it be contrasted by ’Cuda-style “windows” designed to allow glimpses of the SpeedKore carbon fiber bodywork underneath.

With its superior power to weight ratio, most sane people might imagine that would be the perfect place to stop. But not Borchetta or Kacmarcik. They enlisted Gearhead Fabrications to install a larger Whipple supercharger, 2750 throttle body and cold-air intake. To upgrade the fueling, Injector Dynamics 1300 injectors were fitted to a Triple Four fuel system before DiabloSport uploaded its E85 engine software.

Borchetta commented, “Amazing power only counts if you can get it to the pavement. The Big Machine Demon has amazing power, but that doesn’t tell the full story. I challenged SpeedKore to create something with much more than straight line speed – I wanted a car that could handle on road-racing circuits across the country, deal with everyday driving and, of course, look cool. Arguably, this car was never intended to do what I’ve asked, but that made the challenge even greater.”

After witnessing Scott’s first track day, Dave Salvaggio, vice president of SpeedKore Performance Group, was thrilled with the results. “We realize the Demon was never designed as a track car, and that by increasing the power and reducing the curb weight it would be even more challenging. But Scott is such an experienced driver he was able to hustle it around the oval track like a pro. We look forward to completing the chassis work on the car so Scott can fully enjoy it as a unique track day machine. We’re also delighted the power increase was extremely reliable and drivable.” He said. “The reduced weight from our carbon fiber bodywork makes the Dodge Challenger chassis extremely entertaining, and increasing the horsepower has produced a car without any direct competitors.”

Following its track day, the Big Machine / SpeedKore Dodge Demon has been prepared for its SEMA 2018 debut. It can be found in the Pirelli booth #62121 outside South Hall.

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Builder: SpeedKore Performance Group

Vehicle: 2018 Dodge Challenger SRT Demon


6.2-liter supercharged Hemi V8 modified by Gearhead Fabrications with Whipple supercharger, larger 2750 throttle body and cold-air intake, Injector Dynamics 1300 injectors, Triple Four fuel system, DiabloSport E85 software. 980hp at the wheels – dyno chart available


Stock transmission, Driveshaft Shop alloy driveshaft and differential brace





Wheels & Tires:

20×11” HRE Series C105 forged three-piece wheels, 315/30 ZR20 Pirelli P Zero Corsa tires ront and rear


SpeedKore complete Carbon Fiber bodywork including front bumper, front splitter, fender set, fender flare set, rockers, hood, roof, quarter panels, mirror covers, trunk lid, trunk spoiler, rear bumper and diffuser. SpeedKore PPG Big Machine Red paint and clearcoat


SpeedKore carbon fiber door panels, SpeedKore 14-point rollcage

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