2018 Honda CR-V LX FWD Long-Term Update 2: Warm Greenhouse

Having the very basic CR-V comes with some benefits and some disadvantages. The biggest benefit is the value for your money along with the interior space, cubbies, and fold-flat seats. But depending on your needs, the disadvantages can be somewhat notorious.

One of the biggest letdowns is not having tinted windows. This summer was a very hot one by Southern California standards, and the heat was quite pronounced in the CR-V’s greenhouse. In the mornings, the interior would be incredibly hot before I started my commute to work, and my drive home would be even worse. Indeed, the hot summer was to blame, but you can imagine how hot the interior gets when the sun has been shining on the Honda all day. The black plastics inside only add to that inconvenience, and I can’t imagine how the experience would be in hotter places like Texas or Florida, where the heat is strong most of the year.

The lack of tinted windows also exposes any belongings you might leave in the cabin and cargo area. To counteract this issue, I ordered a cargo cover as an accessory for the CR-V. That comes standard on EX trims and above, but you have to pay $160 extra on the LX.

I also ordered a few more accessories like all-season floor mats ($169) and a cargo tray ($114). The all-weather mats are fantastic, but my biggest complaint is that the mat for the back row is one full piece. It’s quite complicated to take out the whole mat at once, and it’s even harder to keep the sand (or anything else) on the mat when you take it out for cleaning. If Honda offered two separate mats for the back seat, this wouldn’t be an issue.

I wasn’t completely happy with the cargo tray, either. It doesn’t fit correctly on the floor: It seems to be about a half-inch short on each side and waggles a bit. On top of that, you can only use it with the cargo floor in its lowest level; otherwise the tray wouldn’t fit at all. On the plus side, I can put my wet wetsuit and towel on it and its high borders keep the water from reaching the carpet. It’s also very easy to take out and wash with a hose.

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