BMW Rear Ends Semi, Car Catches Fire, Driver Flees On Foot: TeslaCam

The BMW was racing down the wet expressway at a high rate of speed.

This TeslaCam video catches a speeding BMW that slides out of control into a semi truck. The BMW then catches fire, while the driver flees the scene on foot. Watch the video footage of this crazy chain of events right here.

According to the video uploader, the BMW was traveling at a high rate of speed (80-plus MPH). This is not advisable given the wet road conditions. The BMW likely hydroplanes due to the water and speed and then slams into the rear of the semi.

Sometime shortly thereafter, the BMW catches fire. The car can’t be seen in the video, but we do catch some of the smoke on the left of the screen. Multiple cars stop (including the Tesla), likely to either attempt to assist those involved in the wreck or to call for help.