Britons back petrol and diesel car ban delay as motorists turn against EVs

Sunak compares UK's climate change record to other countries

British motorists have backed Rishi Sunak’s decision to delay the ban on petrol and diesel cars as thousands of road users turn away from electric vehicles.

A staggering 80 percent of 4,000 road users polled said they supported the Prime Minister’s decision to delay the move.

A whopping 47 percent said they were more likely to buy a combustion vehicle as a result of the announcement.

Meanwhile, 38 percent said the news had reduced the likelihood of them ever owning an EV.

The survey revealed that 58 percent of motorists even feel they would now never own an electric model.

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The poll was conducted by online garage experts Regit just days after Mr Sunak announced the petrol and diesel ban delay to 2035.

Chris Green, Regit CEO and founder said there were “too many barriers” to securing a widespread adoption of electric models.

He explained: “The cost of living crisis has ultimately forced their hand and made Mr Sunak make the announcement to postpone now, as the cost to switch to electric vehicles for the majority of us is too high.

“Given we’re the only major European economy to not offer any financial support for those switching to electric vehicles it’s no real surprise that motorists are being priced out and, when you add the well-publicised problems with infrastructure into the mix, it’s clear this government has simply put too many barriers in the way of mass adoption.”

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According to the survey, a staggering 79 percent said they didn’t expect electric car infrastructure to be good enough to deal with a 2030 deadline.

But a total of 70 percent admitted costs were also a concern with new EVs still way out of many people’s budgets.

However, the move could be an electoral boost for Mr Sunak with 37 percent admitting they were more likely to vote for the art after the announcement.

Labour’s decision to back a 2030 ban has been met with negativity as 67 percent revealed they were now less likely to back Sir Keir Starmer.

It shows a major divide between manufacturers and the public with major brands such as Ford coming out against Mr Sunak’s decision.

Volkswagen also issued a frustrated reaction with bosses calling for a “clear and reliable regulatory framework”.

Stellantis, the parent company of popular brands such as Vauxhall and Peugeot, stressed the Government’s needed to provide clarity over important legislation.

Nissan has decided to press ahead with plans to ensure all vehicles produced in Europe are fully electric by 2030.

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