Indian MotoGP 2023: Enthusiasts share their experiences from the stands

Videos don’t do any justice to the experience you will get on the track.

BHPian AtheK recently shared this with other enthusiasts.

What a bloody crazy weekend, just landed in Bangalore. There were hiccups, there were issues, could have been organized better no doubt about it, but did it ruin the personal viewing experience of a spectator, absolutely not. It was amazing to see kids and girls all excited and showing up for the race. If you love or like bikes, you have to come see them once.

It was a hoot and goosebumps seeing those machines, the riders leaning and accelerating and the sound of those machines. It was absolutely amazing, I am so glad I went, and I was lucky to see the action from three different stands, topping up the finale from the grandstand, thanks to amazing BHPian @sns_12. The howl these machines make is something you can only experience on the track, the loudest exhaust you might have heard will be no match to the sound these bikes make.

The launch video that I took from the end of the stand, video just can’t do any justice to the experience you will get on the track.

Letting John ride the safety bike was a good gesture, though he rode it very subtly and did not push it even once, guess he was directed that way, the last thing you would want to see is the safety bike crashing. The Moto3 bikes are rowdy and sound absolutely insane, it is so nice to see them running on the track. Missed seeing MSD today, I thought he would show up.

I really hope they come back next year and I hope organizers do much better, the only gripe I have on a personal level is the time they chose, it was bloody hot, thanks to the rains on Saturday watching Sprint was bearable. Hopefully, they can get a late October slot next year, even though the riders were struggling with the heat. The fan zone could have been done better, MotoGP India merchandise quality was below par, and the option to buy merchandise was very low, hopefully, more vendors will show up next year and maybe live performances from Indian bands over the course of the weekend, making it a party. They have space and infrastructure, need to organise it better. They can also sell a single-day ticket to get more crowd, if I go next year and if they have a day pass, I will just go for the race day.

The food was reasonably priced though the water was just 200 ml bottles, they should get bigger bottles as we are just adding plastic waste by selling those 200 ml bottles. Other drinks were also available and priced decently.

Another cherry on the cake was meeting BHPians and other friends from the NCR region whom I have spoken to but never met.

Now if we can just get Formula One back as well.

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