Chile Ordered 100 Electric Buses From Yutong

Santiago will get 100 Yutong E12 electric buses

Zhengzhou Yutong Bus Co. (or simply Yutong) – a Chinese bus manufacturer – received an order for 100 all-electric buses for Buses Vule and STP Santiago in Chile.

Over the past 15 years the company sold over 20,000 diesel buses in Latin America and now will become a major player also in EVs in Chile, which intends to switch public transportation to electricity by 2050.

The Yutong E12 for Santiago will be equipped with a 324 kWh battery, which combined with the ability to recharge at 150 kW (DC) in around two hours, should enable it to replace diesel buses 1:1.

Yutong is not new to EVs. The company sold 67,568 buses in 2017, including 24,865 New Energy Buses, which is more than BYD (around 13,000).

In total, Yutong sold more than 100,000 New Energy Buses (mostly battery electric, we assume).

Yutong E12 electric buses

“Yutong has ranked as the No.1 Chinese bus exporter in Latin America in the past three years, with a total of 20,635 buses delivered to date, making up 54% of all Chinese exports in the sector, demonstrating the Company’s leading position on the continent.To serve vehicles that are already in use in Chile, Yutong has set up seven service stations in partnership to provide one-stop service, as well as operational training. The courses on driving, maintenance, vehicle structure, emergency handling and troubleshooting are provided especially for new energy bus.

In 2017, Yutong saw a total sale of 67,568 large- and medium-sized buses including 24,865 new-energy buses. It has become the world-leading new-energy bus maker with international recognitions, successfully entering the markets in the United Kingdom, France, Chile, Bulgaria, Iceland and Macao in China.”

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