Dodge Demon Too Slow? Check Out This 1,400hp Carbon-Bodied Monster at SEMA

The Dodge Demon is already an insanely fast straight-line ride. For some, that might not be enough, and Wisconsin-based Speedkore Performance Group has the answer.

In stock form, the Demon can already lay down sub-10 second quarter-mile runs. Speedkore saw room for improvement however, and has gone to town on the Mopar muscle car. For starters, the entire body is now carbon fiber. Impressively, the team has kept it more or less stock. The biggest change is the new exhaust location: directly ahead of the front wheels.

While the new skin is sure to help the Demon on the scales, that alone wasn’t enough. Speedkore had already done a carbon-bodied Demon last year anyway — and SEMA is not about repeat performances. So the tuning company tossed out the supercharger and grafted two T4 turbochargers to the 6.2-liter V8 instead. The result? A positively diabolical 1,400hp. Or roughly one Viper’s worth of additional horsepower over the now-meek stock car.

So far, this new uber-Demon — we’ll let the line form for suitable new names here — has laid down a 8.77-second run on the 1320. It feels unnatural seeing something so big and relatively tame looking move so quickly. Speedkore’s monster also puts out one hell of a noise:

Breaking more records! @leahpritchett_tf just ran a 8.77 @ 161 mph in a Dodge Demon. @leahpritchett_tf @diablosportllc @drag_ontuning @gearheadfabrications @speedkore01

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The 1,400hp Demon won’t be the only one of Speedkore’s creations at SEMA 2018 next week. The crew has been working on a carbon-bodied Shelby GT350R, an “Evolution” classic Dodge Charger, and no less than Robert Downey Jr.’s 1974 BMW 3.0 CS.

The show begins October 30 in Las Vegas, and will also play host to the American GT Sport FIA Regional Final. We’ll be on the ground for the event, so stay tuned for more on the Speedkore Demon and everything else SEMA!

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