Dozens Of Former Autolib Bluecars Sell Out Quickly

The price matters.

After the Autolib electric car sharing system was canceled earlier this year, thousands of Bollore Bluecars became idle. Some maybe were utilized by other car sharing systems, but others needed to be sold.

Recently, several dozens of the Bluecars with an average of 100,000 km (62,000 miles) on the clock were sold almost immediately at €3,700 ($4,160) per unit by in France.

The interest in used, partially reconditioned Bluecars was tremendous at such a price, despite all the bumps, scratches and sores. The cars come with a 6-month warranty (24-months possible with additional €192 fee).

The main drawback of Bluecars is efficiency because the 30 kWh LMP batteries require high temperature (about 60°C), which means it needs to be heated while not in use.

After the success of sales of the first 50 units, another 50 are to be sold for €4,500-€4,700 (including taxes).

Les #Bluecar d’#Autolib partent comme des petits pains à la première vente publique organisée ce samedi à Romorantin.

— Antoine Boudet (@ABoudet) November 10, 2018


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