Drivers call on electric car owners to pay car tax or risk being ‘priced off roads’

Why motorists could pay more in car tax in 2022

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Car tax changes were unveiled on April 1, which saw Vehicle Excise Duty increase, with most drivers facing higher annual costs. Company car tax, also known as Benefit-in-Kind, saw changes too, with most vehicles seeing a one percent increase, the most significant of which affected electric vehicles which saw tax increase from one to two percent.

Despite this, drivers have been calling for further changes to make roads more equal, many of which suggesting that electric cars should pay a form of car tax. reader Keevee stated: “20 years ago the Government was telling us to buy diesel cars.

“Twenty years on and we are blasted in our wallets for buying diesels.

“Makes you wonder what they will be saying on full electric cars.”

Another reader, Steerpike, suggested a method of taxation in which all drivers are taxed a flat rate, calling it “very very simple”.

They added: “Charge all cars a flat rate of car tax just as they used to.

“Then charge extra per unit of electricity when the car is being charged.

“No reason at all why smart metres couldn’t do that. They already know the difference between the kettle and the TV. 

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“Or have the car’s mileage checked annually and then be charged tax.

“The Government has wanted to bring road tolls in for years. This has zero to do with electric cars.

“They want everyone to be tracked, and people priced off the roads.”

A pay-per-mile scheme of car tax has been suggested by experts and the Transport Select Committee, saying it would create a “fairer system”.

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