Drivers urged to press one button to ‘prevent’ toxic gases entering car

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Petrol and diesel drivers have been urged to press one simple button while waiting in traffic to prevent toxic gases from entering the cabin.

Experts stress motorists should turn on their air recirculation when stationary to stop smelling exhaust fumes.

According to YouTube expert, LearnCar01, the recirculation button is vital and should be used where possible.

The specialist warns many road users are still unaware of how to properly use the air functions on their cars making this a little-known hack.

The simple button can usually be found on the vehicle’s main display just behind the gearstick.

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The button displays a simple cartoon of a car with an arrow looping to the right.

The Health and Safety Executive has warned vehicle exhaust fumes are a “risk to health” if they are breathed in. Gases can also irrritate the eyes and respiratory tract.

LearnCar01 said: “Many people have driven a car for more than 10 years and they don’t even know how to use the car’s internal and external cycle function.”

They added: “Turn on the air conditioner when there is a traffic jam. The internal circulation must be turned on to prevent the exhaust gas from outside the car from entering.”

The recirculation button cuts off any outside air from entering the vehicle and instead continues to push air already in the vehicle around the cabin.

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According to Ken Brown Motors, a car dealership brand, following this tip can reduce toxic pollutants from entering a vehicle by around 20 percent.

They added: “Any time you are stuck in traffic (summer or winter) be sure to use the recirculate.

“If you are pulling air from outside, then you are pulling in all the pollutants and carbon monoxide from all the traffic.”

Hayfever sufferers can also use the recirculation button to stop pollen from entering the car. The tool will also stop strong outdoor odours from entering the vehicle which could be off-putting.

LearnCar01 warns the divide can also be used in periods of hot weather.

They added: ”In the summer. After the car is exposed to the sun there will be an unpleasant smell in the car, Turn on the air conditioner. Turn on the external circulation first for 10- minutes. Then open the inner circulation so that the smell will be discharged.”

But, Ken Brown Motors warns some new cars do not have an air-recirculation button at all.

They stress this is because newer vehicles are often equipped with sensors that can monitor moisture levels and circulate the air automatically.

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