Electrify America Surpasses 500 Charging Stations, Isn't Slowing Down

The network aims to have 800 charging stations with about 3,500 DC fast chargers by the end of 2021.

Electrify America today has announced they now have more than 500 DC Fast charge sites with over 2,200 ultra-high-speed chargers. 

That’s a considerable accomplishment in under thirty months since Electrify America only opened its first site in May of 2018, and works out to nearly four new locations opening every week since then. We’re sure the COVID-19 crisis created delays in permitting, construction and inspections, making the accomplishment even more substantial. 

“Electrify America is raising the bar when it comes to the high speed charging experience needed to  expedite the transition to an electric future,” said Giovanni Palazzo, president and chief executive officer,  Electrify America. “In just over two years, we’ve made great progress in expanding our network while maintaining a deliberate focus on delivering the fastest charging speeds possible – 150kW and 350kW. We are confident that reduced charging times and increased charger availability will help Electrify America, and the industry as a whole, deliver the future-proof charging experience that customers deserve.” 

Site selection for Electrify America remains a very important aspect of the network’s expansion, since the goal is to locate the sites conveniently along major routes and in metro areas. The sites also need to be strategically located near shopping, banking, and dining amenities and must be in a safe, well-lit area.