FreeWire Seeks Business Cases For On-Demand EV Charging

It’s time to check which alternative charging solutions work.

Because around 40% of the UK’s homes have no access to off-street parking, it’s time to think about innovative/alternative charging solutions that maybe could increase electric car adoption.

Recently, FreeWire Technologies, Centrica and Zipcar received funding from the Office for Low Emission Vehicles and Innovate UK to participate in the Wireless Electric Vehicle Charging for Commercial Users competition. In total, 27 feasibility studies will analyze the impact of innovative technologies for EV charging backed by a £40 million funding program.

It seems that FreeWire will have an opportunity to demonstrate its mobile chargers with energy storage system, as well as engage in wireless charging, although we don’t know details yet. The search for a charging solution is important for Zipcar too, which isn’t happy with progress of the charging infrastructure in London.

“Supported by international energy and services company Centrica plc and delivered in partnership with Westminster City Council, the project will combine FreeWire’s mobile EV charging technology with Zipcar UK’s electrified fleet and driver patterns to test the feasibility of scalable on-demand EV charging deployments.

The aim of the competition is to develop business cases that will encourage the adoption of electrified transportation in the UK through widespread charging options.

The study will explore the potential benefits of mobile energy storage and wireless technology compared to fixed EV charging stations, which typically require high installation and labour costs as well as major electrical upgrades to support the connection between charging stations and the electricity grid.”

Nissan e-NV200 in British Gas fleet in 2014

“The trial is being supported by Centrica’s innovation arm, which has been established to identify and accelerate new technology and ideas for homes and businesses. The company owns one of the country’s largest commercial fleets and has ambitions to electrify the 12,000-strong fleet of vans used by its team of British Gas engineers.”

“The competition will determine how sustainable business models can maximise the effectiveness and impact of EV infrastructure deployment. The wide variety of technologies and business models included will help implement charging infrastructure that is affordable, dependable, equitable and can promote EV adoption. Phase one finalists will enter phase two of the competition to implement their product in real-world demonstrations in London.”

Arcady Sosinov, CEO of FreeWire Technologies said:

“Our team is thrilled to present our mobile charging solutions for real-world applications in the United Kingdom. We hope this feasibility study will prove that flexible EV charging can be effectively integrated in cities in the UK and around the world.”

Jonathan Tudor, Technology Strategy and Innovation Director for Centrica Innovations said:

“Around 40% of the UK’s homes have no access to off-street parking, so it’s essential that we find cost-effective alternatives to home charging that will meet the growing demands of existing and future EV drivers. We’re delighted to be working with leading innovators and entrepreneurs like FreeWire, who have a key role to play in helping to unlock a cleaner future for our towns and cities.”

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