German court orders Volkswagen to reimburse 2012 Golf owner in full (RM142k) over Dieselgate scandal

Volkswagen has been given an order by a German court to fully reimburse the owner of a Golf TDI the full original price (around 30,000 euros, or RM142k) of his vehicle, which was bought in 2012. This is due to the automaker’s long-running Dieselgate scandal, Bild newspaper reported.

The Augsburg civil court ruled Volkswagen had acted immorally by installing emissions-cheating software and had aimed to increase sales and profits by deceiving customers. To date, approximately 11 million cars worldwide were fitted with the emissions-cheating software, which was specifically designed to limit noxious car fumes under certain conditions.

This comes on top of the company’s move to pay billions of dollars in the United States to settle similar claims by some 500,000 owners. Each affected Volkswagen, Audi and Porsche vehicle owner were reportedly given USD$5,000 (RM21k), and VW will also bear the full cost of fixing each vehicle in the country.

However, there won’t be a similar deal in Europe, where Volkswagen faces billions of euros in claims from investors and customers in the worst business crisis in its history. Several top executives within the group are already serving prison time for what is widely considered as the most controversial scandal in automotive history.

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