1966 Dodge Dart GT Slant 6 Borgeson Steering Box Upgrade

Driving classic Mopars with stock, sloppy, worn-out, and leaky power steering systems on today’s roads can be challenging. Manual steering is even worse with its slow 24:1 ratio. A wandering car that requires constant fighting with the tiller isn’t an enjoyable ride. Many folks convert to rack-and-pinion steering and coilover suspension systems for that modern feel, but going that route is more expensive and labor intensive.

Our plans for our ’66 Slant 6 Dart GT is to stick with the traditional steering box and torsion bar suspension setup, yet make it as close as we can to rack-and-pinion type steering. We continue to hear positive feedback about Borgeson’s retrofit faster-ratio (14:1) power steering system (stock is 16:1, manual 24:1). It was designed to give Mopar classics that modern feel in the steering wheel. Face it, the steering systems on our A-, B-, C-, and E-Bodies were designed over 50 years ago, and they don’t deliver the road feel, accuracy, and feedback we’ve become accustomed to with our late-model daily drivers.

Keep in mind this is also a great upgrade for cars with manual steering. Modern power steering brings much more driving enjoyment and safety when on today’s roads with crazy traffic situations. Installation on our A-Body was quite easy with its slanted engine tilted away for easy access to the steering box, steering shaft, and coupler. Just remember, the most important part of the job is precise measuring before cutting the steering column shaft. This cut needs to be done to install the Borgeson U-joint/vibration reducer steering coupler. The Borgeson coupler is stronger than the stock coupler and will provide smoother and tighter steering. Most A-, B-, C- and E-Bodies will have to cut the shaft shorter for this conversion. Ironically, our power steering–equipped early A-Body (1963-1966) didn’t need its steering column shaft to be cut. Cars originally equipped with the shorter, smaller manual steering box will surely need to cut the longer steering column shaft.

We feel the Borgeson power steering system is a better route to take than rebuilding the stock setup (steering box, pump, steering coupler, hoses). With its quicker ratio, all-new parts and modern steering feel, you’re classic Mopar can give you a more confident steering feel without fighting the wheel. Our Dart’s original steering box was loose, causing wandering and an inability to stay on-center. The new Borgeson box eliminated that, while steering us into, through, and out of the turns with much improved driver control. Now with more responsive steering, we’ll need to upgrade our suspension, brakes, and rolling stock to match 21st century driving demands. We’re determined to drive our “Old Fart Dart” in our retirement years, which are rapidly approaching. After today’s modern technology is employed to our classic Dodge, we’ll have a totally enjoyable and safe driving experience.

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