Gogoro Announces Battery Swap and Delivery Partnerships

More adopters mean more uptime and more business

Scooters are big in Taiwan. People use them there like we use cars here for everything from basic transportation to delivery. The island is small enough that range anxiety is less of an issue than it is here, and electric scooters have been going mainstream. Manufacturer Gogoro has taken another big step toward this by announcing strategic partnerships with two other scooter manufacturers, as well as two delivery services to use its scooters.

Gogoro already has built not only a lineup of sleek little electric scooters but also an infrastructure of swappable batteries. The deal is that you buy the scooter, then subscribe to a service that allows you to swap battery packs at any of Gogoro’s 750 battery swap stations. Rather than having to stop and recharge you just exchange batteries and go.

So far, every manufacturer seems to have their own proprietary system, meaning that you can’t pop a Gogoro battery into a Kymco scooter. Gogoro has announced a partnership with scooter manufacturers Aeon and PGO to use Gogoro’s batteries, enabling their scooters to use the Gogoro Energy Network already in place. This is a huge step toward the standardization that will solve one of the biggest problems facing electric vehicles today.

Additionally, Gogoro announced partnerships with DHL and Taiwan Post to supply them with Gogoro 2 Utility scooters, which are built specifically for commercial use. Delivery services require frequent starts and stops over short distances, a task for which electric vehicles excel. The limited range can be an issue for businesses that need their vehicles to be on the road to make money, but Gogoro’s swappable batteries solve that problem. This ensures maximum uptime and scooters that will keep on making deliveries on time.

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