Honda Launches App To Help Young Drivers Get Better Behind The Wheel

Honda hopes that its new smartphone app can help teens and new drivers improve their driving skills. The app goes beyond just delivering common safety tips. The Honda Driver Coaching app can access the onboard computer for a more detailed learning experience that incorporates a gaming component.

The app is only available through the Apple App Store, but once it’s installed and the iPhone is connected to the vehicle, it can analyze the driver’s inputs in real-time and provide lessons on safe driving practices. The app monitors steering, braking, and acceleration, providing instructions as needed. Once the driver completes a lesson, the app provides a summary of their driving, specific tips, and a score to track their progress.

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“With schools getting out and summer driving season just around the corner, we hope our new Honda Driver Coaching app can positively influence young drivers and the safety of everyone sharing the road,” said MJ Foxley, Safety Strategy Leader of American Honda Motor Co., Inc.

The app only works on Honda and Acura models equipped with Apple CarPlay, and it’s limited by model year. The Honda Driver Coaching app is compatible with the following vehicles: 

  • Honda Civic (2019-2020)
  • Honda Insight (2018-2022)
  • Honda Accord (2018-2020 and 2023-newer)
  • Honda HR-V (2023-newer)
  • Honda CR-V (2020-newer)
  • Honda Pilot (2023-newer)
  • Acura Integra (2023-newer)

Young and inexperienced drivers are at an increased risk of accidents, injuries, and death behind the wheel. According to the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, 16- to 19-year-old teens are almost three times likelier to have a fatal crash than someone 20 or older. In 2020, car crashes killed about 2,800 teens and injured another 227,000.

The app could be a valuable resource to new drivers. It includes lessons on driving position, steering wheel operation, brake operation to start, and likely several more related topics once it analyzes a driver’s inputs. It’s nice that it provides more than general tips, using the driver’s inputs to dictate the lessons and tips. Everyone knows that the world will benefit from putting driver safety information into the hands of more people.

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